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Hello I'm Christine Coates

My company, U Transition Ltd, specialises in Coaching, Leadership Development and Change empowering business owners, leaders and teams to achieve amazing results.

I have many years experience working with individuals and teams at all level of an organisation from the top team to colleagues, across functions such as retail, logistics, manufacturing, supply chain, finance and head office environments supporting mindset and behavioural change and growth.

For me success is measured by what I am able to inspire others to achieve and working together we will identify the core issues that need to be addressed and select actions that you know will make the difference. All relationships are built with a foundation of trust and respect and I truly believe everyone has the potential and the right to become the best they can be.

I work with passion, integrity and commitment to help guide you through your periods of transition and change in order to achieve your goals drawing on  Harrison Talent Management Solutions, Coaching and NLP amongst many other change management tools and techniques.

Whether you are an individual or a business, U Transition Limited will work in partnership with you to develop and deliver pragmatic, bespoke coaching, training and development solutions which are tailored to your specific goals, business or personal objectives and that inspire and improve performance and growth.

I look forward to  working with you.

Why is my business called U Transition?

The dictionary definition of transition:

-movement, passage, or change from one position, state, stage etc., to another; change:

Change is part of life and change is constant.

Being in business is all about change.

Whether it is starting a new role, navigating a career, dealing with an unexpected day to day challenge, growing a business,  business acquisitions, launching new services or products or changing ways of working, ALL these changes involve people.

My business is about supporting leaders and their teams through time of  change...... whatever that change might be.

I wanted my company name to reflect the journey of change that I help people and their teams to travel ……..or transition.

We are never done we are always transitioning from one place stage or state to another .

My Vision

Empowering businesses to bring out the best in everyone, because everyone matters.

Hand holding a lens to look through

My Mission

My mission is to empower businesses to create a workplace full of engaged, capable leaders and employees that view learning as an adventure and are able to realise their full potential.

Building long lasting relationships based on my core values of integrity, trust and lifelong learning, I help businesses to simplify their recruitment and onboarding processes, develop, grow and retain their existing employees, improve employee engagement and help leaders to lead more effectively.

I do this utilising a combination of coaching, NLP and predictive talent analytics enabling them to target their training and development with laser focus, spend their budgets wisely and deliver amazing results through their people.

My Coaching and Work Experience

I’m a commercially focused Coach and Learning & Development professional with a retail background who has many years’ experience coaching individuals to high performance and designing, delivering and managing strategic business objective focussed learning & development solutions across the whole learning cycle that impact directly to bottom line results.

I started my career as a Store General Manager managing retail stores of various sizes from small to large with teams ranging from 20 to over 180 people, managing multimillion £ budgets in a fast paced, 7 day a week operation and KPI driven world . In this role, I mentored new Store Managers across multi sites and trained, coached and mentored new Store Managers and Area Managers into the business as well as maintaining focus on delivering my own objectives, so I fully understand the challenges and many rewards of managing people and driving great consistent business results. My love for developing people saw me then move into the world of learning and development and this is where I discovered my true passion. In this national role I was responsible for designing and delivering the National Retail Capability and Leadership strategies ensuring alignment to corporate and functional business objectives. This included designing and delivering  development programmes for high potential Store Managers and Area Mangers and managing and providing insights from the company Leadership 360 programme. I coached high potential Store Managers, Area Managers, Regional Mangers and HR Managers to increased performance within current role or towards achieving their next role. I have designed and delivered coaching and development programmes for many organisations (inc Supermarkets, Clothing retailers, General Merchandise stores and Trades) as well as coaching individuals and teams to high performance. As well as working within organisations ,I have several personal clients who simply wish to change, improve and grow a particular aspect of their life or value the support a coach can provide in helping them reach their goals. For me there is nothing more fulfilling than helping a leader or their team identify and gain clarity of their goals or ambitions and then empower them to get unstuck and move forward to achieve amazing results.

How could I help?

If you are looking to attract and recruit new team members, develop, grow and retain those already with you, build careers, improve employee engagement or help your leaders to lead more effectively and underpin it all with talent analytics then U Transition Limited can help.

Your needs are individual and I am committed helping you to meeting them.

Working together we will identify the core issues that need to be addressed and select actions that you know will make the difference.

Get in Touch

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My Training and Qualifications

I draw upon many tools and techniques within my work (and where appropriate my many life and work experiences) I am a Harrison Talent Solutions (HATS) consultant, NLP Master Practitioner, NLP Coach, Facet 5 practitioner and a licensed MBTI practitioner ensuring coaching and development solutions are closely aligned to both business and personal objectives and get results

Harrison Assessment Talent Solutions consultant
Talent Analytics
NLP Coach
NLP Master Practitioner
Licensed Facet 5 practitioner
MBTI practitioner Step 1

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