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Suitability Tell

Most people who fill out a job application don’t come with billboard signs, banners or instructions. They are also not 100% sure of what they want in a job. So how can you tell if someone is suitable for a particular position? Suitability/behavioural factors are more difficult to assess because, unlike eligibility factors, there is…

job suitability assessments leadership coaching chesterfield

Measuring Suitability

For most jobs, suitability/behavioural factors are about 50% of the reason people succeed or fail at a job. Therefore, effectively measuring suitability is an essential part of a good assessment. The importance of assessing behaviour during recruitment is evidenced by the fact that most organisations hire people for their eligibility and then try to develop…

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8 Best Practices of Job Suitability Assessments

1. Hire for Job Specific Behaviours Research conducted by Harrison Assessments formulates different sets behavioural factors for more than 650 job types. Each job type also has different behavioural requirements depending on the required management level and experience level. Consequently, by uniquely calibrating management responsibility and experience levels, the Harrison system offers more than 6500…