Emerging Leader Explorer Bundle

Emerging Leader Explorer Bundle

road to successThe starting point for any leader wanting to get better results for themselves, their teams and their business is self-awareness, often said to be the most important quality for a good leader.

Understanding how your personality traits, habits, skills, beliefs and values affect your interactions with the people who work for you, alongside you and your clients increases your behavioural choices and leads to greater personal control and growth.

Our Emerging Leader explorer bundle will enable you to understand your strengths, and development gaps and help you form a plan to ensure you are equipped to guide teams to the best possible outcomes and results.

What you get

The Emerging Leader Explorer is a Leadership Assessment bundle comprising of 3 key Leadership reports and a complete 121 debrief with a certified coach, carried out virtually, that will enable you to fully understand the reports, interpret their data and explore their meaning for you.

Armed with this information you can create a personalised, robust development plan utilising your report data so you can go on to develop your leadership toolkit either on your own or with the support of your line manager or an internal a coach.

We'll also give you 5 online training courses from our online training academy to help you on your development journey

If you are some one who wants to 

Increase your self awareness so you can bring out the very best in yourself and your team

Prioritise your development to focus on the areas that will make the biggest difference

Learn how to adapt and flex your current leadership style so you can build your skills set and have more tools in your kit bag

OR are

In a leadership role but have had no formal people skills training

A newly promoted leader or someone seeking promotion now or for the future

A small business owner who is taking on staff for the first time and has limited or no experience of managing people

Someone aspiring to hold a leadership role in the future?

This bundle is for you. Are you ready to learn how you could achieve even more?

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