Emerging Leader Laboratory

Join the Emerging Leader Laboratory, a 6 month blended programme

Great leadership is essentially “an inside job” . You need self-awareness, self-management and personal development through action to inspire and achieve results through others.
The Leadership Laboratory will provide deep insights into the balancing act of the seemingly conflicting needs of a leader and allow you, as an emerging leader, to explore and develop the foundational knowledge, practical skills and behaviours to consistently perform and succeed in your leadership role.

Great Leaders 

  • know their strengths and how to leverage them
  • know their weaknesses and their impact which ones to develop
  • are not afraid to ask for help and support, and they know who to get it from
  • are great at self-care
  • remain calm and focussed
  • manage their own demons, mindset and emotions
  • know that everything begins and end with them.

What's Covered?

Powerful personal insights, practical skills, knowledge and confidence to lead yourself and your team effectively in your current or future roles.
It is a 6-month programme starting that incorporates

Harrison Leadership Assessments and debrief – to gain deep personal insights into the paradoxes that leaders face and leader competencies
A Personalised Development Plan – to prioritise the actions and behaviours that will make the biggest difference to personal performance with coaching support
6 One to one Paradox Coaching sessions – creating action and traction and holding you accountable
6 Face to face 3-hour group workshops - share experiences and learn with peers
10 Online training courses of your choice base on identified development need
Facebook - unlimited access to closed group
NB: The 3 hour workshops will be live and take place via Zoom