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Talent Acquisition

HATS Talent Acquisition enables you to attract and identify talent that is more than 3 times as likely to succeed. Save up to 80% of recruitment time by pre-screening and ranking applicants according to their levels of qualification, behavioural competency, and engagement.

Talent Development

HATS Talent Development Solutions result in managers who build employee engagement and coach performance. Our development toolkit identifies job-specific strengths, gaps and employee engagement; and inspires employees to achieve behavioural competencies and overcome derailers. 

Engagement and Retention

Engage and retain your employees with an internal career planning system, whilst providing HR with a fully qualified talent pipeline for succession planning.

Benchmarking Excellence

Benchmarking traits high performing employees are applying to achieve their success enables you to measure these within applicants in future recruitment campaigns

HATS is the result of over 30 years of research into what makes people successful at work by Dr Dan Harrison Ph.D.
This Complete System offers a unique opportunity to recruit, develop and retain the right staff for your organisation offering a joined up approach to talent management. The 175 traits can be used to measure for cultural fit, cultural values and job fit.
In recruitment alone by introducing suitability factors as well as eligibility factors (experience and qualifications) it can increase the prospect of success from an average of 40-45% to nearer 90-95%.
It combines ParadoxTechnology™ with 175 behavioural traits including working preferences, motivations, work values, interpersonal skills, interests and attitudes (employee Engagement factors) .
 ParadoxTechnology™ sets HATS well apart from its competitors who often rely on bipolar assessments which can be fooled and can produce inaccurate results.
The SmartQuestionnaire™ is the foundation for all the reports. It cannot be fooled and has a consistency monitor to ensure accuracy of replies. It performs over 8,000 cross matches behind the scenes and is the equivalent of a whole day’s multiple choice questioning and/or 2071 questions.
No Licence Fee
There is no licence fee with HATS enabling you, the customer, to use as much or as little of the system as you wish and build up usage gradually. Bespoke consultancy packages are available to guide you through the setting up and staged integration of the system.

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