Online Academy

Welcome to the Online Training Academy

E Learning is not just a trend its the future!

Why not grow your training offering using online courses?

No need to expand your training team

No need to get your teams together off the job and into one place at the same time

All courses are accredited by the relevant body (RoSPA, IIRSM, IATP, IFE and CPD) are mapped against Ofqual regulated qualifications which means they can be used as part of apprenticeships, NVQs and so on and are always up to date.

Business accounts:

  • Stay in control, monitor compliance and support audit trails with your own training system and employee training records – Manage who completes the training and when
  • Print certificates for each individual to recognise successful completion of the training and achievement of standards
  • Freedom to learn from mistakes – 3 attempts per module to achieve the minimum standard
  • Relevant for all levels of staff
  • Standardisation of content = consistent delivery time after time
  • Build online courses into your induction and training offering
  • Incorporate into apprenticeships modules and NVQs and spend more time face to face encouraging and mentoring your students
  • Cost effectively train all your employees nationally and internationally, with minimal loss pf productivity and reduced travel and associated training costs
  • Learn new skills or update and refresh existing ones
  • Keep your business legal and compliant
  • Mitigate risks and keep your employees and customers safe
  • Achieve specific standards and knowledge for legal and audit purposes
  • Demonstrate an auditable trail of training with a robust method of monitoring of compliance
  • Attain insurance certificates
  • Be able to trade and open your premises to employees or the public
  • Instant access to courses upon purchase

Who is it for?

Trades,(builders, electricians, plumbers, glazier’s etc)
Care homes
Colleges & Schools
Apprenticeships and NVQs etc
Individuals seeking development
and much more ………

What are the options?


All courses can be purchased directly through our website using Paypal, Debit or Credit card either individually or in bulk.

Look through our range of titles here 


Universal Credit 

Create a credit account and have access to our complete suite of courses at a greatly discounted price. You are in control of which courses you use, how many and when you use them.
Simply deposit £3000 or more to receive a bulk quantity of course units.  (eg) £3000 will give you all courses at £15 each so a total of 200 courses)
Licenses never run out.
Top up your credit account as often as you wish.

Call 07828 496 388 to set up your credit account now

Unlimited usage

Pay an initial set up fee, then monthly instalments to receive access to every course in our range for every employee.

Call 07828 496 388 to set up your unlimited usage account now.


Try – before you buy

Register your details and get access to the first module of each course for free
Maintain any progress on completed modules when you buy the full course



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