Talent Analytics

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Drive business performance and shape strategy using data-driven people insights

Developing Talent

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Develop you. Develop your Emerging Leaders. Develop your Teams.


Online Training

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Health and Safety, Health and Social Care
& Business Skills Courses.

Benchmarking Excellence

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Benchmark the traits high performing employees are applying in your organisation to achieve their success and use those traits to measure future applicants in recruitment campaigns and develop existing employees to that standard.

Assessment Centre Intelligence

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A highly accurate alternative to face to face assessment centres with a remoteautomated and objective on-line assessment and screening process.

Remote Working Analytics

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While many people enjoy working remotely and do so successfully, a multitude of challenges can make it quite difficult for others.

Employee Engagement

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Engaged employees are more happy and deliver more discretionary effort for  a business.  Measure individual, team and organisational engagement.