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Frameworks for giving effective feedback - Leadership coaching Chesterfield

Feedback Frameworks – For Giving Effective Feedback

Why is feedback important? Whether we admit it or not, we all need regular feedback on goals, direction & performance in fact¬†65% of employees say they want more feedback¬†. Specifically the type of feedback desired is the type that will develop skills and stretch, grow and aid personal development. In my last article I spoke…

6 Essentials for your Coaching Toolkit Leadership coaching Chesterfield

6 Essentials for your Coaching Toolkit

What should be in your Coaching Toolkit? Your coaching toolkit should ideally consist of various resources, techniques, tools and skills that you can draw upon to support your coachee or your team effectively. Ideally it should not be a static thing but a versatile and adaptable toolkit which equips you with the resources needed to…