What is Coaching and How Will it Benefit Me - leadership coach in Chesterfield
A Definition of Coaching – the INTERNATIONAL COACHING FEDERATION (ICF) - defines coaching as “Partnering with clients Read more
The Power of Yet - Embracing A Growth Mindset - leadership coach in Chesterfield
Embracing a growth mindset The belief that intelligence and abilities can be developed through dedication Read more
develop your team without spending any money - leadership coach in Chesterfield
Developing a strong team doesn't always require a hefty budget. There are many things you Read more
Tips for holding a great 121 - leadership coach in Chesterfield
My clients often ask me what makes for a great 121 (one-on-one) followed by how Read more
8 Ways to Thrive as an Accidental Leader - leadership coach in Chesterfield
In the journey of our careers, many of us find ourselves in leadership positions that Read more
Unintentional Leadership 5 Clues That You're an Accidental Leader - leadership coach in Chesterfield
What are accidental leaders? These are individuals who never set out to lead, yet for Read more
empowering your teams - leadership coach in Chesterfield
In my last blog "Empowering Your success", I wrote about what empowerment means to me Read more
Empowering your Success - leadership coach in Chesterfield
When I summarise myself at networking events I often say "I'm Chrissie from U Transition Read more
Mental Health The Hidden Key to Unlocking Exceptional Leadership Potential - leadership coaching Chesterfield
I wrote this blog during both mental health awareness week and learning at work week Read more
5 Misconceptions About Communication in Small Business - leadership coaching Chesterfield
Effective communication is the backbone of any thriving business. Without it, you're just asking for Read more
The Paradox of Insightful Curiosity (Opinions) - leadership coaching Chesterfield
Having strong views and opinions as a business owner is often seen as a valued Read more
the importance of succession planning - leadership coaching Chesterfield
What is Succession planning? How often has someone handed their notice in and it has Read more
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