Run your Recruitment Campaigns with Monthly Unlimited Screening

Monthly Unlimited Screening is very cost and time effective when there are likely to be bulk applicants for one role.

One fixed price, for one job, for one month 

For one FIXED FEE , what you get is...

Screening for UNLIMITED APPLICANTS for one job for one month

UNLIMITED viewing of HA Eligibility factors and Suitability scores

AUTOMATIC RANKING system for candidates for eligibility and suitability scores - best candidates ranked and shortlisted

Eligibility Assessment - A customisable assessment which uses a scoring system that enables you to analyse applicants’ qualifications, experiences and skills against the job criteria.

Suitability Assessment -The customisable suitability assessment provides you invaluable insights to the applicant’s suitability for a role as well as help you identify behavioural gaps that can be improved in line with your organisation’s values and objectives

Employer Branded Complimentary "YourGreatestStrengths" report for all applicants - even unsuccessful ones -and an automated response plus access to all applicants CV’s and cover letters.

A tailor made customisable Job Success Formulas for each role. See sample Job Success Analysis here.

The ability to  deal with High Volume Recruitment efficiently and effectively -Reducing hiring time by 75 percent

Your own customer system to view the talent dashboard and access further development and engagement reports.

All of this is completed online so its easy to complete and easy to manage.

Additional reports are available at a additional cost -  eg) Interview guide, How to attract and retain this candidate, Engagement and Retention report and more

The process is as follows:

1) U Transition produces a job profile of the eligibility and suitability factors of the ideal candidate based on your job description.

2) Invites all candidates over the course of a month to complete an on-line, objective, predictive questionnaire.

3) At the end of the period sorts the applicants in order of eligibility and suitability.

4) Sends a thank you letter to all applicants whether successful or not, along with a ‘your greatest strengths report’ for their future use – great for your company PR!

5) Leaves you with a prioritised list of highly eligible and suitable candidates to take onto the next stage.

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