Benchmarking Performance Excellence

Harrison can benchmark success for specific jobs in your organization. Using a sample of high, medium and low performers, the Harrison performance benchmarking technology can determine the exact success and derailment factors for jobs in your organisation. This results in a custom Job Success Formula with the highest predictive ability of employee behaviour in the industry for your exclusive recruitment and development use.

  • Draw upon a full range 175 suitability factors including personality, attitudes, motivation, interpersonal skills, work preferences, task preferences, work environment preferences, interests and employment preferences
  • Determine the factors that differentiate high performers from average or low performers for your specific job
  • Weight the relative importance of each factor
  • Measure how each level of each factor impacts performance (not possible if done manually)
  • Consistently get high correlations with job performance
  • Provide all the above for a minimal cost and fast turnaround time

Download the Benchmarking Performance Excellence brochure here