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Assessment Results… Are They Related to Your Purpose?

There are many types of assessments and each has its own purpose. A critical consideration in selecting an assessment is to use an assessment that fits your purpose. If you are attempting to hire, develop, promote, and retain talent, the assessments must produce reports that are related to the requirements of the job. Does the…

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Tell the Truth – Ever Lie on a Job Application? (I bet you did)

Most people who fill out a job application don’t tell the truth. They may deliberately lie in order to not reveal something they think may disqualify them for the job, or they may not know the truth about themselves enough to even realise they are lying. A good comprehensive behavioural assessment needs to have an effective…

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Measuring The Eligibility of a Job Candidate

In previous blogs we discussed why assessments should focus on factors related to success for specific jobs and not include irrelevant factors. In addition, you should consider if the assessment or assessments cover all the important factors that relate to specific job success. If all the important factors are not included and formulated, there will be significant…