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Character and Chemistry

“People are not your most important asset – the right people are” -Jim Collins. Like the various colour tones of a diamond that determines it quality and value, people come in all sizes, unique personalities, and interesting characteristics. Character refers to a prospective candidate’s personality and attitudinal preferences. Attitudinal preferences can be rather broad. The…

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Battle Plan for Attracting Gen X and Gen Y Candidates

Do You have a battle plan for attracting Gen X and Gen Y candidates for employment? Companies today are constantly in a war for talent. Identifying the right targets and having the ability to capture them is essential to winning. We are looking for the innovative leaders of tomorrow, and the competition is stiff. Every…

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Use the Career GPS

Imagine a whole country of job opportunities and career paths. The opportunities are sometimes elusive, and the paths are not always easily seen. When you turn 17 and are old enough to drive, you are given a vehicle and told to go make a career choice. You have limited fuel, limited funds to purchase more…