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Employee Engagement – How is it measured?

A hot buzzword around the corporate water cooler is “Employee Engagement.” So exactly what does employee engagement mean? Employee engagement is that elusive term regarding how “hard” or “motivated” or “committed” someone is to the company, their individual job, a particular project or an activity the employee is required to make. How involved are they?…

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Best Results for Workplace Assessments

Workplace assessments are prevalent these days. Most are attempting to help firms identify employees and applicants who are more likely to achieve the best business results. What does “best results” mean for workplace assessments? Performance connected to profits? If so, the good results will depend upon what the actual job entails doing. Therefore, a good…

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Assessment Use is the Foundation

Using a good psychological assessment is the essential foundation for organisational success. A high quality assessment used at the point of hire enables you to have the greatest impact on performance, productivity and retention. To be effective, an assessment must comprehensively assess both eligibility and suitability and provide an overall score. Eligibility factors include previous…