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develop your team without spending any money - leadership coach in Chesterfield

15 Ideas to Develop Your Team Without Spending ANY Money!

Developing a strong team doesn’t always require a hefty budget. There are many things you can do every day in your business that will stretch and develop your team and create a culture of continuous improvement with simply the intention, a little bit of thought and time and a dash of creativity. Here are 15…

empowering your teams - leadership coach in Chesterfield

My 5 Key “Go To” Principles to Empowering My Team

In my last blog “Empowering Your success”, I wrote about what empowerment means to me and the benefits I believe an empowering approach brings to the leader and the team. In this article I thought I’d share 5 of the strategies I have used to empower the many teams I have led over the years.…

Empowering your Success - leadership coach in Chesterfield

Empowering your Success!

When I summarise myself at networking events I often say “I’m Chrissie from U Transition “Empowering your Success”” It’s under my email signature, and it’s actually a really important approach for me in how I work with people. But what does “empowering” mean? My view of empowerment at work is: It’s about creating a work culture…