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Blood Test for “Sick” Employees

If you had a worker who came into your office and said they weren’t feeling well, you would ask him what his symptoms were. If you walked up to their cubicle and saw their head down on the desk you would ask them what was wrong? If they were continuously sick you would send them…

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Quit without Quitting?

You show up to work every day, sit at your desk, and start working. But are you really THERE? Are you engaged? And what about everybody else in your company? We can measure the action of “butt in seat,” but do we think about engagement? Are there people you work with who have quit the…

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Good Team Alignment Might Need a Fresh Set of Eyes

Ever play that game where you are tied to a bunch of people and you have to perform a task or reach a goal together? Or capture the flag at the top of the “impossible for one person to climb” Totem pole game in which the only way to reach the top was to stand…