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Suitability and Hiring Selection Success

For most jobs, suitability/behavioural factors are about 50% of the reason people succeed or fail at a job. Therefore, effectively measuring suitability should be an essential part of any job fit or hiring assessment. The importance of assessing behaviour during recruitment is evidenced by the fact that most organisations hire people for their eligibility and…

Competition in business

Amazing Job Race

  Too bad you don’t have sixteen weeks of challenges, obstacle courses and road blocks to find the winning Amazing Job Team! I will admit it. My guilty pleasure is watching “The Amazing Race”. It’s a long running TV show that starts typically with 12 two person teams and follows them as they race around…

Improving Accountability within the Workplace

Improving Accountability within the Workplace

Forbes Magazine published an article on Accountability titled, “7 Ways to Build Accountable Organizations“. Within the article, the author posses the question: Where do you need to invest your time and attention to build an environment of accountability? This is a question many organizations ask themselves and consistently struggle to find the answer. A significant…