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How COVID-19 Shone a Spotlight on Empathy in the Workplace

Historically, empathy has not been a driving force in most workplace cultures. While plenty of organisations have placed value on creating positive, collaborative work environments, they have often considered employees’ personal lives to be separate. This could explain why a recent Businessolver study found that only one in four employees feel their companies are sufficiently empathetic.…

guide to hiring remote employees leadership coaching Chesterfield

Navigating the Next Normal: A Guide to Hiring Remote Employees

The pandemic and rapid shift to remote work upturned many industries, but companies across the globe are adjusting. Because times have changed, human resource leaders will need to reassess how they handle the recruitment process. In particular, companies that hire remote workers must become more intentional about talent selection. According to a survey by Enterprise…

The Benefits of Transitioning to a Hybrid Workplace

The Benefits of Transitioning to a Hybrid Workplace

The pandemic changed the way the business world operated overnight. Before COVID-19, most organisations had not developed virtual approaches to employee management and engagement. When they were forced to go online, they soon realised that they didn’t have the technology or processes in place to maintain employee productivity remotely. Whether they liked it or not,…