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Assessment Use is the Foundation

Using a good psychological assessment is the essential foundation for organisational success. A high quality assessment used at the point of hire enables you to have the greatest impact on performance, productivity and retention. To be effective, an assessment must comprehensively assess both eligibility and suitability and provide an overall score. Eligibility factors include previous…

Three keys to Work Satisfaction

Three Keys to Work Satisfaction

It seems basic. If you like what you are doing it doesn’t feel so much like work. If you enjoy doing something you are more likely to continue doing it and do it well. So shouldn’t a personality assessment being used to measure job suitability include measuring work satisfaction? Measuring work satisfaction is essential to…

Harrison Assessments - just do it

Just DO it!

“I HATE my work!” How successful do you think someone will be at a job who says this? “I don’t care if you hate it, just do it”. How long will this company be operating if this is the most often said comment from the team leader? The Harrison Assessment’s Paradox Theory predicates that performance…