How to Reduce Stress and Lead with Impact

How to Reduce Stress and Lead with Impact
26 Mar 04:00 PM
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How to Reduce Stress and Lead with Impact

Many causes of stress are avoidable, we often get in our own way without realising. Discover the how to reduce stress and lead with impact

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🚀 Ready to step Up Your Small Business Leadership Game? 🚀


Then pop the kettle on, grab a sandwich, and join me for my Zoom event on December 13th at 12 pm!

Following fantastic feedback, I'm thrilled to bring back this exclusive training:

"How to Reduce Stress and Lead with Impact in a Small Business"

Running a small business is an exciting journey, but let's face it—managing a team can sometimes be a bit of a rollercoaster.

✨ Get it Right: and you inspire and motivate your team, fuelling continued success and loyalty

❌ Get it Wrong: and you face demotivated, disengaged individuals causing stress and frustration all round for you and your team

Tony Robbins is quoted as saying “The biggest strangle hold in business is the mindset of it’s owner.”

Many causes of stress are avoidable and we often get in our own way without realising it, stuck in patterns and habits of behaviour because we don’t know any better or we believe we don’t have the time to do anything else.

If you're finding the transition to team management daunting, you're not alone!
And it's not your fault!
Many small business owners excel in their professional or technical fields but often lack management and leadership training, often getting by doing the best they can, with the best of intentions and yet people skills need learning and honing just like professional and technical ones.

Even in larger businesses, people are regularly promoted on their ability to do their previous job, which often does not involve managing people and are unsupported by the relevant people skills training as they move up the career ladder.
Not know what to do or how to handle situations relating to people can be a huge cause of stress.

🎓 Join Me as I share insightful Strategies:

🌟 Learn the 3 impactful strategies that I personally mastered during my own leadership journey.

🌟 Practical steps for immediate implementation to enhance performance and enjoyment.

🌟 Discover the common pitfalls that plague small business owners and how to overcome them.

🎟️ Registration: Click on the zoom link to secure your spot!

🎯 This Workshop is Tailored for You if You:

✔️ Are concerned you are stuck in habits and behaviours that are preventing your business from growing

️ ✔️ Are an expert in your professional field but lack team leadership training

✔️Lack clarity about what your own role should now be as your team and your business grows

✔️ Struggle with team communication and direction

✔️ Find difficult conversations and accountability challenging

✔️Want an easier, less stressful life and a happier team

✔️Want to create amazing places to work and deliver fantastic results

If you resonate with any of the above, this workshop is your game-changer! Don't miss out on practical insights that can revolutionise your leadership approach.

🤝 If this isn't for you, share this link with anyone in your network who might benefit. Let's empower more leaders together!

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