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Whether you are …..

an individual seeking support to re focus and move forward through a period of change

a business looking to recruit new team members, develop, grow and retain those already with you, build careers, improve employee engagement or help your leaders to lead more effectively

an SME or small business owner  looking for coaching

a business looking for learning and development support on a regular,  but not full time, basis - hire me on a retainer

U Transition Limited can help - We will work in partnership with you to develop and deliver pragmatic, bespoke coaching and/or development solutions which are tailored to your specific goals and objectives and that inspire and improve performance and growth. 

For Organisations

In this ever changing world we now live in organisations and the people within them have to continually adapt and change to meet the demands of the marketplace....to stay one step ahead.
Whether change shows itself as developing new products and services, structuring in a more efficient way, or training and developing the team to work more effectively, change can have a profound effect on those it affects and is met with many responses, not all of them helpful to the organisation or the individual.
We can help people to experience change differently so they are able to view it as a positive constant and a natural evolution of what is now and so experience progression and growth.
We offer the following (or a combination of):


coaching heads and brainsCoaching is about unlocking someone's potential and maximising their performance. It is extremely valuable for executives, leaders and senior managers who wish to improve their personal performance and through this the performance of their function or business.
It is also extremely useful in times of transition such as starting in a new role or business.
This type of one to one coaching is normally carried out either face to face or over the telephone, or via Skype with timescales to match the requirements of the individual and organisation sponsor.

Leadership Development

team of peopleAre your leaders creating an organisational culture for success?
All managers and leaders are individuals. We encourage you to understand your own style and to then develop and build upon it to become the best leader you can be.
We design bespoke programmes and solutions to suit your organisation's needs and that are aligned to your organisations goals and objectives helping you develop a pipeline to GROW your next generation of Leaders. This type of solution often works well supported by coaching.

Team Development

We create bespoke team events and solutions that help teams to understand themselves and each other. We provide them the opportunity to partake in open, honest and frank discussions that supports group understanding of their current dynamics and furthers their development and growth as individuals and as a team developing your team to increased performance.

Harrisons Assessment Talent System ( HATS)

HATS is an end to end talent solution that will enable you to cost effectively recruit and select  the right people,  place and develop them and therefore better retain your talent. it has a high degree of validity, reliability and accuracy and is used worldwide in over 25 countries.

Click here to find out more about Harrison Talent Solutions
Click here to try it for yourself and receive a free consultation  - please fill in your details to receive a link to the smart questionnaire.


Workshops on themed topics help learning and can become a core part of an organisation's training agenda.
We can design and deliver workshops that we will run for you or we can design them and train your team to deliver them.
Topics such as Leadership, Coaching, Time Management, Presentation skills and much more can be run as full day workshops or 90 mins "Focus  " sessions which can act as taster or recap sessions.
or why not incorporate our online courses with face to face workshops to further embed learning?

For  Individuals

Working together we will address the topic that is most important to you.
You might choose to focus on a current challenge or possibly a new opportunity  for example a new job or promotion, wanting to be more healthy, a career move, a personal challenge.
We will never tell you what you should be choosing.
At U Transition Limited we believe you already have all of the resources you need in order to be successful and achieve whatever you wish to do. We will help you unlock those resources and utilise them to be all you want to be.


Coaching is an interactive process, a relationship between the coach and the client, that allows you, the client,  to discover your own solutions and plan of action. The coach is not the expert.
It can help with any aspect of your life you wish to change and can take place either face to face or over the telephone. Whilst it can absolutely be done as a one off, it is most effective when taken over a series of sessions. 
Please note, it is not the same as counselling.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming - NLP - the study of human excellence

It can help to build self confidence and self belief, improve personal performance and effectiveness, leave you more fulfilled, re frame previous experiences so you feel differently about them and much more. 
It allows you to reconnect with your personal resources and to "model" those who are most successful in any area of life.
NLP can also be incorporated into coaching if relevant to the issue. 

Personal Discovery Programme

Learn how to live your life with passion and purpose to become the person you've always wanted to be.

4 x 2 day modules over 4 months with 1-2-1 coaching support in between

Some examples of work i've undertaken

Executive Coaching

working through mind - set and behavioural  challenges with senior business executives at an individual level in order to improve performance - either their own personal performance and / or their business performance

Executive Coach and Behavioural Trainer

Enabling Leadership readiness within a Manufacturing business for an ERP system implementation.
Provided 1-2-1 Coaching and designed and delivered Team Development interventions to Executive Leadership teams (multiple sites) on the mindsets and behaviours required by them to support an ERP system implementation

Delivery of Standard workshops

to various private and public organisations (DWP)

Organisational Development Specialist

Supporting the work of the OD Lead , assisting with project definition, design, development and direct delivery of the plans across three key business areas (Manufacturing, Logistics and Supply

Coach Partner

1) Coach Partner within 2 project stores where performance in the customer experience measure is consistently in the bottom 6 in the company
2) Coach Partner within three concept stores.
Objectives for both projects - to support the development of Coaching for Performance by guiding and supporting Store General Managers to embed the coaching system and capabilities within their stores in order to achieve performance objectives.

Training Lead - (Logistics and Supply Chain)

Accountable for the National Logistics Training and Development Agenda working with key stakeholders and the logistics OD and training teams to identify training and development needs, shaping the annual agenda to deliver company strategy and business objectives whilst managing within budget and aligning to the wider business training agenda within BAU and the change projects. Key populations included the full Site Management teams, Project team, Supply Chain and Regional controllers.

High potential development programmes

Designing and delivering a 9 month long programme to support the development and progression of high potential

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