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Are your leaders creating an organisational culture for success?

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In this ever changing world we now live in organisations and the people within them have to continually adapt and change to meet the demands of  the marketplace....to stay one step ahead. 

Whether change shows itself as developing new products and services, structuring in a more efficient way, or training and developing the team to work more effectively, change can have a profound effect on those it affects and is met with many responses, not all of them helpful to the organisation or the individual. 

We can help people to experience change differently so they are able to view it as a positive constant and a natural evolution of what is now and  experience progression and growth . 

All managers and leaders are individuals so we encourage you to firstly understand your own style and to then develop and build upon it to become the best leader you can be.

Using a combination of Harrison Assessments and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) amongst other tools and techniques, we design bespoke programmes and solutions to suit your needs and that are aligned to your organisations goals and objectives helping you to attract, develop and GROW your next generation of Leaders.


Talent Acquisition 

HATS Talent Acquisition enables you to attract and identify talent that is more than 3 times as likely to succeed. Save up to 80% of recruitment time by pre-screening and ranking applicants according to their levels of qualification, behavioural competency, and engagement.
Read the Talent Acquisition overview

Talent Development

HATS Talent Development Solutions result in managers who build employee engagement and coach performance. Our development toolkit identifies job-specific strengths, gaps and employee engagement; and inspires employees to achieve behavioural competencies and overcome derailers. 

Engagement and Retention
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Engage and retain your employees with an internal career planning system, whilst providing HR with a fully qualified talent pipeline for succession planning.

Benchmarking Excellence


Benchmarking traits high performing employees are applying to achieve their success enables you to measure these within applicants in future recruitment campaigns

Talent Management: Aligning Passions with Business Results

Harrison Assessments award winning solutions exceed the results of other talent management methods and personality tests by aligning people's qualifications and passions with company-specific jobs and is the result of over 30 years of research into what makes people successful at work by Dr Dan Harrison Ph.D.

This Complete System offers a unique opportunity to recruit, develop and retain the right staff for your organisation offering a joined up approach to talent management.

Harrison Assessments combines ParadoxTechnology™ with 175 behavioural traits including working preferences, motivations, work values, interpersonal skills, interests and attitudes (employee Engagement factors). It identifies employees and applicants who are three times more likely to achieve business results and sets it  well apart from its competitors who often rely on bipolar assessments which can be fooled and can produce inaccurate results.

The SmartQuestionnaire™ is an online questionnaire and is the foundation for all the reports.
It cannot be fooled and has a consistency monitor to ensure accuracy of replies. It performs over 8,000 cross matches behind the scenes and is the equivalent of a whole day’s multiple choice questioning and/or 2071 questions.

SAMPLE REPORTSplease fill in your details to receive sample talent acquisition, development, retention or succession reports or to discuss your requirements further.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming - NLP - the study of human excellence

It can help to build self confidence and self belief, improve personal performance and effectiveness, leave you more fulfilled, re frame previous experiences so you feel differently about them and much more. 
It allows you to reconnect with your personal resources and to "model" those who are most successful in any area of life.
NLP can also be incorporated into coaching if relevant to the issue. 

Some examples of work i've undertaken

Executive Coaching - working through mind - set and behavioural  challenges with senior business executives at an individual level in order to improve performance - either their own personal performance and / or their business performance

Executive Coach and Behavioural Trainer - Enabling Leadership readiness within a Manufacturing business for an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning system - Oracle) implementation.
Provided 1-2-1 Coaching and designed and delivered Team Development interventions to Executive Leadership teams (multiple sites) on the mindsets and behaviours required by them to support an ERP system implementation

Delivery of Standard workshops - to various private and public organisations (DWP)

Organisational Development Specialist - Supporting the work of the Organisational Development Lead , assisting with project definition, design, development and direct delivery of the plans across three key business areas (Manufacturing, Logistics and Supply

Coach Partner

1) Coach Partner within 2 project stores where performance in the customer experience measure is consistently in the bottom 6 in the company
2) Coach Partner within three concept stores.
Objectives for both projects - to support the development of Coaching for Performance by guiding and supporting Store General Managers to embed the coaching system and capabilities within their stores in order to achieve performance objectives.

Training Lead - (Logistics and Supply Chain) - Accountable for the National Logistics Training and Development Agenda working with key stakeholders and the logistics OD and training teams to identify training and development needs, shaping the annual agenda to deliver company strategy and business objectives whilst managing within budget and aligning to the wider business training agenda within BAU and the change projects. Key populations included the full Site Management teams, Project team, Supply Chain and Regional controllers.

High potential development programmes - Designing and delivering a 9 month long programme to support the development and progression of high potential professionals

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