Leadership Development

Are your leaders creating an organisational culture for success?

In this ever changing world we now live in, organisations and the people within them, have to continually adapt and change to meet the demands of  the marketplace....to stay one step ahead. 

Whether change shows itself as developing new products and services, structuring in a more efficient way, or training and developing the team to work more effectively, change can have a profound effect on those it affects and is met with many responses, not all of them helpful to the organisation or the individual. 

We can help people to experience change differently so they are able to view it as a positive constant and a natural evolution of what is now and  experience progression and growth . 

All managers and leaders are individuals so, we encourage you to firstly understand your own style and to then develop and build upon it to become the best leader you can be.

Using a combination of Harrison Assessments and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) amongst other tools and techniques, we design bespoke programmes and solutions to suit your needs and that are aligned to your organisations goals and objectives helping you to attract, develop and GROW your next generation of Leaders.

Emerging Leader Laboratory

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£2500 + vat for a 6 month blended programme

Are you ready to take YOUR Leadership to the next level?

Join the Emerging Leader Laboratory, a 6 month blended programme

Great leadership is essentially “an inside job” . You need self-awareness, self-management and personal development through action to inspire and achieve results through others.
The Leadership Laboratory will provide deep insights into the balancing act of the seemingly conflicting needs of a leader and allow you, as an emerging leader, to explore and develop the foundational knowledge, practical skills and behaviours to consistently perform and succeed in your leadership role.

What's Covered?

Powerful personal insights, practical skills, knowledge and confidence to lead yourself and your team effectively in your current or future roles.
It is a 6-month programme starting that incorporates

Harrison Leadership Assessments and debrief – to gain deep personal insights into the paradoxes that leaders face and leader competencies
A Personalised Development Plan – to prioritise the actions and behaviours that will make the biggest difference to personal performance with coaching support
6 One to one Paradox Coaching sessions – creating action and traction and holding you accountable
6 Face to face 3-hour group workshops - share experiences and learn with peers
10 Online training courses of your choice base on identified development need
Facebook - unlimited access to closed group
NB: The 3 hour workshops will be live and take place via Zoom

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£2500 + vat

Emerging Leader Explorer Pack - Leadership Assessment Bundle

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£399 + vat

Are you ready to assess YOUR Leadership?

As Leaders, how we think and behave directly influences the business results we achieve.
The link between Leader behaviours, employee mindset & behaviours and business results is proven.
Are you currently delivering the best results for you, your employees and your business?
Would you like to know how you could achieve even more?
Find out with this combination Leadership Assessment and 121 Coaching bundle

Are you someone who?

Wants to increase their self awareness so they can bring out the very best in themselves and their team?
Wants to prioritise their development to focus on the areas that will make the biggest difference?
Wants to learn how to adapt and flex their current leadership style so they can build their skills set and have more tools in their kit bag ?
Is in a leadership role but has had no formal training?
Is a newly promoted leader or someone seeking promotion now or for the future?
Is a small business owners who is taking on staff but has limited or no experience of managing people
Someone aspiring to hold a leadership role in the future?

What you get

The Emerging Leader Explorer is a Leadership Assessment bundle comprising of 3 key Harrison Assessments Leadership reports, (Emerging Leader competencies, Paradox report and Traits and Definitions report)
A complete 121 debrief with a Harrison Assessments Certified Coach carried out over Skype, that will enable you to fully understand the reports, interpret their data and explore their meaning for you.
A personalised, robust development plan with coaching support utilising your Harrison data so you can develop your leadership toolkit either on your own or with the support of your line manager or internal a coach.
5 online training courses to help you on your development journey
Unlimited access to a closed Facebook group .

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£399 + vat

Sample Leadership Competency Reports

Sample Engagement and Retention Team Reports


Sample Paradox Reports


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