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As much as 80% of employee turnover is due to bad hiring decisions according to The Harvard Business Review.

It can cost up to 50% of a leader’s salary to get it right first time round and if that leader is earning £50,000 or £100,000????? That’s huge.  That it costs both financially and time wise to find and train a replacement means it makes sense to get it right first time round.

Harrison Assessments' 30 years of research has proven that employees who enjoy at least 75% or more of their job are three times more likely to succeed than employees who enjoy less than 75% of their job.

As you are well aware , those that don’t enjoy their job can begin to impact the culture of team, function or organisation and there is the spill over factor into other colleagues, home life and so on.

Why not recruit the right people into the right job and avoid those catastrophic recruitment mistakes and the fallout that comes after using predictive analytics?

Align people's qualifications, wants, needs, passions and goals to the requirements of the organisation and specific jobs and accurately predict success in any role to 95%.

Make the candidate experience amazing including easy online completion of the application process and send responses to ALL unsuccessful applicants, all of which makes you look like a hero.

Reduce recruitment administration by up to 75%,  and reduce your reliance on and the cost of external agencies.

Our recruitment technology eliminates the need to review resumes (aside from the final candidates) and saves more than 70% of administration time by automatically ranking applicants according to how well they meet your ideal requirements. Integrated applicant tracking features enable easy resume review, shortlisting and auto-decline responses.

The Harrison is continually adapted and growing based on research and feedback from customers and usage. It generates a personalised interview process and behavioural questions, describes how to attract a candidate based on individual analytics and generates onboarding, personal development and coaching recommendations, providing employees with a detailed understanding of internal job requirements.

We can measure Eligibility and Suitability and automatically rank by most eligible and most suitable.


Ask us about Monthly Unlimited Screening (see below)


Our automatically generated pre-employment screening targets your specific requirements for qualification and importantly, the system provides an overall score as a guideline for each step in the recruitment process ensuring the best candidates are hired.

Firstly we measure eligibility factors such as education, experience and skills producing an overall “eligibility score” that saves up to 75% administration time by ranking the applicants according to eligibility.

Secondly we measure suitability factors such as interpersonal skills, work preferences and behaviours under stress and automatically rank by most suitable to least suitable.

We eliminate the need to review resumes except for the most qualified candidates

For qualified applicants, the assessment process automatically proceeds to a behavioural questionnaire. The results of the behavioural questionnaire are calculated based on the job analysis for the specific job. It automatically selects from 175 factors to measure only job specific behavioural requirements. In addition to assessing behavioural competencies, it evaluates likely employee engagement and job satisfaction. By focusing on both the employee’s and employer’s needs, Harrison measures the degree to which mutual needs will be met, resulting in higher levels of employee engagement and retention. In addition, the easy-to-understand reports empower managers with on-boarding tools that facilitate accelerated engagement and performance.

Harrison Assessment’s automated process and recruitment system dramatically elevates the quality of interviews by consistently focusing on key success factors and revealing behavioural issues that normally take months or years to discover. It provides the interviewer with the key information necessary to offer top talent what they want and transforms the candidate experience by enabling the interviewer to focus on mutual needs rather than only the needs of the company.

In addition to making deeply informed recruiting and hiring decisions, employers utilising Harrison’s Talent Acquisition Solutions reduce time to hire and minimize assessment costs.

Unsuccessful candidates can be kept in the pipeline for future or alternative requirement.

Monthly Unlimited Screening

Monthly Unlimited Screening is very cost and time effective when there are likely to be bulk applicants for one role.

One fixed price, for one job, for one month

For one FIXED FEE , what you get is...

Screening for UNLIMITED APPLICANTS for one job for one month

UNLIMITED viewing of HA Eligibility factors and Suitability scores

AUTOMATIC RANKING system for candidates for eligibility and suitability scores - best candidates ranked and shortlisted

Eligibility Assessment - A customisable assessment which uses a scoring system that enables you to analyse applicants’ qualifications, experiences and skills against the job criteria.

Suitability Assessment -The customisable suitability assessment provides you invaluable insights to the applicant’s suitability for a role as well as help you identify behavioural gaps that can be improved in line with your organization’s values and objectives

Employer Branded Complimentary "YourGreatestStrengths " report for all applicants - even unsuccessful ones -and an automated response plus access to all applicants CV’s and cover letters.

A tailor made customisable Job Success Formulas for each role. See sample Job Success Analysis here.

The ability to  deal with High Volume Recruitment efficiently and effectively -Reducing hiring time by 75 percent

All completed online so its easy to complete and easy to manage.

Your own customer system to view the talent dashboard and access further development and engagement reports.

Additional reports are available at a additional cost -  eg) Interview guide, How to attract and retain this candidate, Engagement and Retention report and more

The process is as follows

1) U Transition produces a job profile of the eligibility and suitability factors of the ideal candidate based on your job description.

2) Invites all candidates over the course of a month to complete an on-line, objective, predictive questionnaire.

3) At the end of the period sorts the applicants in order of eligibility and suitability.

4) Sends a thank you letter to all applicants whether successful or not, along with a ‘your greatest strengths report’ for their future use – great for your company PR!

5) Leaves you with a prioritised list of highly eligible and suitable candidates to take onto the next stage.

Want to know more?

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Quantative Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking and Numerical Reasoning Assessment

The ability to think critically is an important requirement for many jobs and numerical reasoning is a strong predictor of critical thinking. The Harrison Quantitative Critical Thinking assessment (QCT) is designed to quickly measure candidate’s critical thinking and numerical reasoning using questions with a business context. The short form cognitive assessment delivers job specific
scores, reduces legal risk, makes interpretation easy and accurate, and provides an excellent applicant experience with proven strong correlations with job success.

Read more about QCT here

This is a separate questionnaire

Assessment Centre Intelligence

Assessment Centre Intelligence (ACI) provides an alternative to assessment centres with a remoteautomated and objective on-line assessment and screening process. It works equally well for candidate selection for a job role as for identifying potential leaders within the organisation.

The starting point for this is a 30-minute award winning Smart Questionnaire™ which accurately predicts behavioural preferences in relation to both jobs and Leadership competencies.

View our Assessment Centre Intelligence  (ACI)  ACI FLYER   for more information

We can help you to choose the best approach for your organisation.

Option 1 – Gain access to the system and be trained to run your own in-house ACI

Option 2 – We will run and manage a full ACI for you

Option 3 – Reports only – for development of individuals or teams and acquisition.

Benchmarking Excellence

Harrison can benchmark success for specific jobs in your organization. Using a sample of high, medium and low performers, the Harrison performance benchmarking technology can determine the exact success and derailment factors for jobs in your organisation. This results in a custom Job Success Formula with the highest predictive ability of employee behaviour in the industry for your exclusive recruitment and development use.

Draw upon a full range 175 suitability factors including personality, attitudes, motivation, interpersonal skills, work preferences, task preferences, work environment preferences, interests and employment preferences

Determine the factors that differentiate high performers from average or low performers for your specific job

Weight the relative importance of each factor

Measure how each level of each factor impacts performance (not possible if done manually)

Consistently get high correlations with job performance

Provide all the above for a minimal cost and fast turnaround time

Download the Benchmarking Performance Excellence brochure here

About Harrison Assessments

Created and developed by Dr Dan Harrison's, his main research was centred around understanding what really makes people successful on their roles.

What he found was that job success has very little to do with personality and a lot to do with their behavioural working preferences.

Harrison Assessments' 30 years of research has proven that employees who enjoy at least 75% or more of their job are three times more likely to succeed than employees who enjoy less than 75% of their job.

From his many many years of research came his two theories of Enjoyment theory and Paradox Theory and from both of these theories came the very clever SmartQuestionnaire™ which is the basis for ALL reports in the Harrison system.

Unlike many assessments HATS is job centric and is incredibly efficient providing the equivalent of a full day of testing. It performs over 8500 cross checks as it's being completed and measures 175 different behavioural variables including personality traits, interests, values, workplace preferences, retention factors, and behavioural competencies that can be compared with specific jobs in our 6500 Job Success Formula library. All our Job Success formulas are cully customisable.

The Harrison Assessment predicts performance and engagement and retention factors by matching proven job specific success factors to individual competencies as well as employee needs

For large and small companies alike , the Harrison is continually adapted and growing based on research and feedback from customers and usage.

We can run a recruitment campaign for you, or you can be trained to run it for yourself.