Anna – Head of Audiology Careers

Chrissie is one of those rare individuals who quietly has it all. With a commercial mindset born and nurtured in one of the biggest retailers of its time and an ability to lead, inspire, hold to account and engage a team, Chrissie was and always will be my go-to person when I need a leader to step in, harness the capability of the team and deliver results. Chrissie brought clarity, focus and at the same time a huge positive and personal impact on the team she directly lead, as well as many individuals she worked with. With an enviable natural coaching capability, commercial acumen, integrity, a firm but fair stance when needed, but most of all a true passion for individuals to achieve their true potential, I recommend Chrissie irrespective of whether you need someone to step in; develop and allow that penny to drop; individually or group coach your managers and leaders.

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