Mike Marshall, Managing Director, Eat Sleep Think

Chrissie has supported my business, my team, and myself for quite a few years. Through U-Transition she has helped me build better employees working with them to understand themselves and their roles within my business, eatsleepthink. Using her skills and techniques, Chrissie provided invaluable insights that helped my team to evaluate their individual strengths, challenge their weaknesses, and ensure they were self-aware and aware of their colleagues. This was extremely motivational for my entire team; it created camaraderie, respect and support, and overall constructed a very genuine feel to my business that connected all the way down to our clients. Honesty and openness with our clients have always been strong points of my business, but having it reinforced and recognised by Chrissie at a deeply esoteric level within the business that in turn, manifests itself outward as a core strength to clients was something that I never truly expected.

As a Managing Director and team leader, I’ve always felt very supported by Chrissie, and she helped me better understand myself and, more importantly, my team. When you start a business, you’re never taught how to deal with people, and Chrissie helps you with that. Her six steps leadership development course, for example, was very helpful in tackling confrontational issues – not only with employees but also with clients (which I never expected), and it has helped me negotiate better, face up to my avoidance of confrontation and approach difficult conversations with, dare I say, excitement! The trepidation is still there, but having Chrissie’s method, guide and plan on how to deal with confrontation and tricky conversations turn the whole situation into something to enjoy rather than dread! Having Chrissie available for moral support when the going gets tough is like gold dust!

Thanks, Chrissie, for everything you’ve helped me, my team and my business to achieve over the years. You’re an invaluable asset for any business and business leader seeking guidance and support to help them better manage their teams, themselves and ultimately their business!