Your Greatest Strengths


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The Your Greatest Strengths report captures the things you enjoy and are good at through one 25 minute online assessment.

This report helps you to fully understand your strengths and empowers you to leverage these capabilities to further your career.
It measures 175 traits and identifies your highest priorities and values - where you invest yourself and what you love doing the most.
When you are able to use these key strengths, your career is more fulfilling and successful.
Effort you spend on further building your strengths is likely to help your career at least as much as focusing on your weaknesses. Strengths relate to enjoyable patterns of thought and behaviours that can be productively applied. When these are refined with practice and combined with skills and knowledge that you acquire, this gives you a powerful means of moving your career forward.

Job Seekers - If you are currently a job seeker, being able to clearly verbalise your strengths can help you to get the job you are seeking. Consequently, we recommend that you reflect on the strengths listed in the report as well as your achievements that were a result of applying these strengths. This will enable employers to better understand how your unique strengths can create value for their organisations.

Currently Employed - If you are currently employed, look for ways you can further apply these strengths in your current job. The more you can apply your strengths, the more likely you will achieve high levels of job satisfaction and career success.