Tranquil Inertia

Tranquil Inertia

tranquil inertia leadership coaching ChesterfieldDo you have a place you go to relax? Get away from work, stress, commitments? Disengage? That’s tranquil inertia.

The paradox theory in the Harrison Job Suitability Assessment identifies “tranquil inertia” as part of the paradox around “Motivation”. Self-Motivation and Stress Management may seem to be contrary traits, however when a high intensity exists in both you reach an area of “Poised Achievement”.

However, if your self-motivation is low and your stress management is intense, you probably have a tranquil inertia place or activity. When the desire to achieve is greater than your ability to manage stress you may develop an underlying desire to have a respite from your hard work= Tranquil Inertia.

Mine is a hot tub, bubble bath and a good trashy meaningless novel. Others have identified

  • Mowing the lawn
  • Tending the cows
  • Playing tennis
  • Sitting on the deck smoking a cigar listening to weird electronic music
  • Beach
  • Video gaming
  • Cooking
  • Long leisurely drive

I can’t always physically get to my tranquil inertia place, however I feel somewhat comforted in knowing it is there and recognising that if I get enough work done I may be able to go there and relax.

Harrison Assessments Talent Solutions recognises that most people have a Tranquil Inertia. Our Smart Questionnaire can measure the intensity of the Motivation paradox and identify what is the propensity / probability of you slipping into Tranquil Inertia. Knowing what is likely to flip you into tranquil inertia puts you in control of the situation and not the other way around.