Good Team Alignment Might Need a Fresh Set of Eyes

team alignment leadership coaching chesterfield

team alignment leadership coaching chesterfieldEver play that game where you are tied to a bunch of people and you have to perform a task or reach a goal together? Or capture the flag at the top of the “impossible for one person to climb” Totem pole game in which the only way to reach the top was to stand on each other’s shoulders? It’s a difficult thing to get a team to successfully work together.

There needs to be a clear understanding of not only the goal or target of the team but the strategy or path the group wishes to follow to completion. Each person may have a slightly different view of what the goal is or what the process to achieve it looks like. And then there is the difficulty of perception versus reality. What we think we know about each other and our goals and processes may be very different than what really exists.

Given all these intricacies and complexities, you begin to wonder whether it is possible for a team to work together at all. However, we know that some teams do work and gets results.

What’s the secret? Good team alignment and engagement. How can we achieve it? Bring in a fresh set of eyes and an assessment tool to help.

Harrison Assessments has developed a talent management solution that helps create a culture of engagement. HAI’s Engagement & Retention Analysis provides you with actionable data, based on leading indicators of employee expectations, to plan and align optimal strategies that will motivate employees at the individual, group and organization levels. In addition, the HA Team Paradox Report highlights the work styles of each team member as they relate to Paradox Theory. When these two reports are used together, it is like looking at opportunities for team building and development with new eyes.

A Harrison certified consultant brings a fresh set of eyes to your team development, helping you align everyone’s capabilities and passions with a clear strategy to achieve success.