Crowd Pleasers

personality types crowd pleasers leadership coaching Chesterfield

personality types crowd pleasers leadership coaching ChesterfieldCrowd Pleasers- Is there one in your Employ?

We’ve all seen them, some of us have worked with them and most of us can certainly identify a few of them. Those personality types that muck up the atmosphere at work and typically put a wrench in all productivity.

Also known as “walking liabilities”, they say things and they do things in your organisation that make them a huge liability. Just because you haven’t been sued for it doesn’t mean they aren’t walking around creating liability for you.

One type of these are the “Crowd Pleaser”.

Characteristics: Plays the populist role naturally, likable, affable, humorous, a live wire and life of the party; knows what and how to say it to the right crowd at the right time and place.

Traits to look out for: Almost like a drama queen but this character possesses higher emotional intelligence (EQ) and is an effective communicator with good persuasion skills. In addition, they are highly outgoing and extroverted, are able to build rapport quickly, are not shy, highly empathetic, very helpful, diplomatic, confident, high self-esteem and know what to do to gain recognition.

Negative side: Demonstrates inconsistency between what one commits to and how one behaves in order to be politically aligned or correct for that situation. Locally known as ‘reed’ (or weed) bending according to the direction of the wind.

How to manage: Be specific with their deliverables and targets. Have very frank discussions and assign accountability and explain clearly the consequences of inability to meet agreed deliverables or KPIs.

Harrison Assessments can help you identify who the “crowd pleasers” are and can help you manage and develop them. While the job specific assessment is not an inoculation, it can be used as a guide to manage the crowd pleaser and hopefully lead to a more productive work place.