Ego Almighty

Ego almighty personality leadership coaching ChesterfieldThere are typically all sorts of various personalities working in an organisation. In previous blogs we have reviewed a few. The Drama King/Queen, The Incessant Complainer, etc. Do you have a few “ego almighties” working in your company?

Ego Almighty Characteristics: Tends to focus on self-justification and excuses for certain actions or inaction. Does not embrace change in routine and styles willingly. Works well and clicks with those who are like-minded. They are also prone to making decisions or choices according to those who fan their ego and dance to their tune.

Traits to look out for: Egotistical, overly self-confident, has a very high opinion of their own views and decisions. Low intent and lacks need for self-improvement. Lacks progressiveness and is inward looking.

Negative side: Difficult to convince and can be rebellious towards change and new initiatives. Incurs a lot of energy from direct supervisors in their constant efforts of trying to get alignment and engagement for these Ego Almighty individuals.

How to manage: Needs to be given specific performance criteria. There needs to be coaching discussions to identify personal values and direction to establish gaps between company direction and the employee’s own interest. If the behaviour becomes too intense to handle, the final option is to manage the person out of the organisation.

You may have invested a significant amount of time, energy and training pounds into this person. If you choose to manage them, give them a work fit personality assessment such as the Harrison. This may help guide you to a developmental plan that may harness some of the ego and motivate them to put the company’s interests in front of themselves