Mini Napoleon

Mini NapoleonDo you have a Mini Napoleon employee in your midst?

Almost every organisation has experienced some form or another of a Toxic Employee; someone who, whether consciously or subconsciously, disrupts or hinders the advancement of productivity in the workplace.

Also known as “walking liabilities”, they say things and they do things that make them a huge liability. Just because you haven’t been sued for it doesn’t mean they aren’t walking around creating liability for you. One type of toxic employee is the “Mini Napoleon”.

Mini Napoleon:

Characteristics: Makes decisions with minimal or no collaboration with other stakeholders or team members and often practices selective listening. Others will find him/her over-bearing, demanding and controlling. He/she has a strong need to be in the driver’s seat with an attitude that it’s either “my way or the highway”.

Traits to look out for: He/she is likely to have traits such as strongly authoritative, highly assertive, a strong desire to be in a leadership role; passionately goal driven, strong influencer or strong enforcer – while lacking the balancing traits or collaboration, helpfulness, enlisting cooperation, stress management, good listening and warmth.

How to manage: Using 360° feedback assessment is one option to give an objective reality check. 360° is an assessment that is administered by trained facilitators, which requires the individual to rate himself, then is rated by a group of peers, direct reports and his direct supervisor. Such assessments are mostly used for development purposes to identify gaps and can be quite revealing. A good 360 combined with some regular coaching sessions can significantly help to develop the badly needed emotional intelligence.

Harrison Assessments Talent Solutions can help you identify the “mini napoleons” before you hire them or if you have already hired them it can provide a coaching aid to identify how to identify and change to key problem areas.

Nobody wants to have to work for this guy…

Mini Napoleon