The Critical 90 Days of a New Hire

The Critical 90 Days of a New Hire

The Critical 90 Days of a New HireMedical professionals talk about the “critical hour.” This is the first hour after someone has a heart attack. How the patient is treated in during the first 60 minutes can determine the difference between life and death.

While the first 90 days of a new hire are not the difference between life and death of a human being; the actions, experience and development of the employee during this time can determine whether the person stays in the job and is productive (lives) or leaves the job or is fired (dies).

According to the Academy of Management Journal in their article “Support, Undermining, and Newcomer Socialization: Fitting in During the First 90 Days“, early support and undermining may lay a foundation for later work outcomes. Whether negative or positive, with employers and co-workers during the first 90 days on the job can have a major impact on the employee experience; and these experiences may determine whether an employee decides to quit their job in the first 90 days or continue working for you.

The study revealed that employees who received high levels of support from both their employers and co-workers in the first 90 days developed a more positive attitude towards their jobs. On the other hand, new hires who felt ‘left out’ during the same time period performed poorly, often called in sick or simply quit.

The effort you put into how an employee is trained during the first 90 days is critical to retention and production. The Harrison Assessment Talent Development Solution can help you retain and develop your employee effectively so that they “live” beyond the 90 days.

The proprietary SmartQuestionnaire™ measures a full spectrum of workplace relevant issues in only 25 minutes. The Enjoyment Performance Methodology builds talent relationships by giving importance to what individual employees want and need, while at the same time identifying a comprehensive set of factors related to job specific performance. This results in accelerated development and increased return on investment.

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