The Crystal Ball of HR

the crystal ball of HR - leadership coach in Chesterfield

the crystal ball of HR - leadership coach in ChesterfieldWouldn’t it be great to have a crystal ball handy that you could whip out and use any time you needed to make an HR decision?

“Oh mighty crystal ball, tell me is this person going to be the great employee that will help the company achieve its goals, or the hire from hell?”

“Oh mighty crystal ball, tell me is this person going to implode with the stress of a promotion or begin to shine with the new duties and different responsibilities?”

“Oh mighty crystal ball, tell me if this person will help fill the hole that my team has or if they will conflict with the other members and cause disaster?”

If that crystal ball gave accurate answers most of the time, it would be worth a lot of money, right?

You can have that crystal ball and the price is well worth the benefit. It is the Harrison Assessment.

The Harrison Assessment has been carefully developed using several psychological methodologies that prevent deception, reveal whether behavioural tendencies are actually strengths or derailers (aka Paradox Technology), and measure both eligibility (education, experience, and skills) and suitability (job related behaviour).

As a result, employers who use the HA assessment receive a rich set of accurate and reliable Decision Analytics that focus on crucial success and engagement factors for any given job. These Decision Analytics support and accelerate decisions throughout the entire talent management lifecycle-from recruiting and hiring … to performance management … to learning and development … to leadership development and succession planning … to team building.

Harrison Decision Analytics enables employers to predict performance, engagement and retention for an individual by comparing that person’s competencies, needs and engagement factors-along with 175 different behavioural variables-against proven success factors for specific roles.

Using Decision Analytics, employers can also:

  • Ensure that individuals are placed and promoted into roles that maintain high levels of work satisfaction and capture discretionary effort.
  • Identify the internal (and, if desired, external) roles and careers for which individuals are most suited and qualified.
  • Establish and maintain alignment between business goals and each employee’s needs and career goals.
  • Create an exact formula of key success factors and derailers for any specific job by using the performance of incumbents as benchmarks.

The Harrison Assessment is flexible. Employers can strengthen their Decision Analytics even further by tailoring the Harrison Assessment to their specific jobs. Trained and certified consultants can help you customize the Job Success Function to fit your particular organisation’s culture.