There is No Need to Reinvent the Wheel… Trick it Out

reinvent the wheel leadership coaching Chesterfield

reinvent the wheel leadership coaching ChesterfieldToday’s labour market is competitive. Competitive in the sense that good people are hard to find. Gone are the days of putting up a help wanted sign in the window and having highly qualified applicant’s line up to get the job.

Once you do get someone hired, the costs of training and developing them are increasing more and more each day. So what can we do to hire the right people more efficiently? Do we stop putting out the “help wanted” signs all together? And what if the person you hire isn’t quite right for the job? Do you fire them and start again?

There is no need to reinvent the wheel here. Don’t throw out your selection and development processes. Trick them out! Bring them into the modern day. There are psychological tests (assessments) that are designed for the purpose of helping you select the best candidate for YOUR job.

Harrison Assessments offers an online tool that can help you select the “most likely to succeed” person tailored to your open position. They don’t just answer “is this person good?” They answer “will this person succeed in our company’s culture? Our company’s requirements? Our company’s labour demands?” They trick out the application process with a 30 minute on-line questionnaire that will automatically generate custom assessments using your unique job specific criteria while at the same time creating a clear consensus with other hiring stakeholders.

First, the Harrison Assessment identifies the right criteria for a candidate made of the right stuff to have. The Harrison Assessment pre-employment screening targets your specific requirements for qualification. Next, each candidate is assessed and evaluated for these criteria, and assigned a quantified score for their level of attainment of the desired criteria. It measures eligibility factors such as education, experience and skills producing an overall “eligibility score” that saves up to 80% administration time by ranking the applicants according to eligibility. It eliminates the need to review resumes except for qualified candidates. Upon completing the questionnaire, a candidate is instantly scored, and all of the candidates’ scores are presented on a dashboard that recruiters can view and access 24/7/365.

In addition to making deeply informed recruiting and hiring decisions, employers utilising Harrison’s Talent Acquisition Solutions reduce time to hire and minimise assessment costs. Most importantly, the system provides an overall score as a guideline for each step in the recruitment process ensuring the best candidates are hired.

Now that is a Tricked Out Wheel.