Blood Test for “Sick” Employees

blood test employees leadership coaching chesterfield

blood test employees leadership coaching chesterfield If you had a worker who came into your office and said they weren’t feeling well, you would ask him what his symptoms were. If you walked up to their cubicle and saw their head down on the desk you would ask them what was wrong? If they were continuously sick you would send them to a medical professional and that professional would most likely order a blood test to determine what the TRUE CAUSE of the sickness is.

What do you do if you sense the employee is not happy? Not performing well? They don’t have the physical signs of a problem and yet there are warning signs that something is wrong. Perhaps their work performance is declining. Perhaps there are complaints from their colleagues about things they have said or have done that are not quite right.

We have all sorts of diagnostic material out there to measure their “performance”. Benchmarking, project management, accountability measurements, six sigma, LEAN targets and Just in Time goals and scoring. But what do you do when you have identified that you have a problem? Yup, things are declining, things are bad, this employee is not what they used to be… Now What?… What is next?

We don’t have Doctors that can fix the employee/work patient. Okay, we have some people out there who think they can coach and inspire better behaviour, but how do they figure out WHAT to coach?

Is there a BLOOD TEST for employee performance and development that can figure out what might be wrong?

There is. Psychological assessments, such as the Harrison Assessment, which are job specific and measure task enjoyment and the possible negative behaviour triggers are the Blood Test that can help diagnose the issues. The Harrison Assessment offers insightful reports that can help you get a better understanding of what challenges your employees and teams are currently facing and how you can help them navigate their way towards better health. Learn more or contact us to get your blood test started.