Incessant Complainers

personality types incessant complainers leadership coaching ChesterfieldIncessant Complainers. Do you have this type of employee in your organisation?

Characteristics: Non-stop complaining about the company, the working environment, colleagues and customers; does not see problems as opportunities to improve a situation. Complains about things but walks away when called to take up the challenge to change things for better.

Traits to look out for: Low willingness to take up challenges. Has a very strong mindset of what things “ought to be”. Low or moderate technical competencies to perform the job and has a weak desire to improve oneself by taking the necessary actions to learn new skills and adopt a mindset shift to address issues constructively.

Negative side: Does not act on constructive feedback; may tire out managers through the recurring need to reinforce the same messages time and time again. Extreme cases – Does not hold personal accountability and fails to deliver results within own area of responsibility.

How to manage: If the situation is beyond redemption and management is prepared for possible casualties (i.e. the employee leaves), conduct a one-on-one session and tell the problem employee as it is. The approach must be professional, fact-based and objective, but most importantly explain how his behaviour affects productivity, team performance and the company’s overall performance.

In addition, conducting a team dynamics session where others are allowed to give on-the-spot feedback to this problem employee will also be a last resort to create a strong wake-up call. If nothing works, in extreme cases, it’s time to manage out the problem.

While this personality type may already be walking around your organisation – and causing stress on the company’s time and resources – it’s important for organisations to take measures to avoid future costly mistakes. And this is where a strategic HR manager comes in; as opposed to an operational HR manager who focuses on processes and compliance, a strategic HR manager looks at the bigger picture in the organisation, and focuses on the best strategies and tactics on how to curb toxic behaviours within the organisation.

Traditional hiring techniques may not offer the results you’re looking for. What’s more, interviewing as well as other traditional hiring techniques may not be adequate to weed out Incessant Complainers. Using the Harrison Assessment can help you avoid hiring these types or help you manage the Complainer who is already working for your company.