Suitability and Eligibility – The Win Win Candidate

suitability and eligibility, leadership coaching Chesterfield

suitability and eligibility, leadership coaching ChesterfieldSuitability AND Eligibility – The winning combination in HR that can help you find the win/win candidate.

Choosing the best candidate to recruit and hire is not an easy task. However, hiring right the first time can save you a lot of time and your company a lot of money. Today forward thinking companies are using HSM’s and new tools to choose the best candidates. A successful HR manager will use tools that focus on both “suitability AND eligibility” to attract and retain good candidates.

Some recruiters make the mistake of hiring people only for their qualifications, resulting in bad hires related to behavioural weaknesses.

Other recruiters make the mistake of over-emphasizing behavioural factors by eliminating people only on the basis of their behavioural assessments. Sometimes they even unfairly eliminate candidates based on a single behavioural factor. Behavioural assessments should be part of the overall assessment that includes qualifications such as experience, education, and skills. That’s why the Harrison system provides a unique eligibility assessment that complements the suitability assessment, providing an overall score for better hiring and succession planning.

Sean Kelly, the Accounting, Tax and Business Advisor. HR and Management Advisor. Career Coach, Executive Search and Recruiter says, – I think many organisations and people focus on only one or the other of eligibility and suitability. I have seen many poor performers selected or promoted based on “suitability” who do not have the technical skills to do the job and require at least one other person to do their job for them. Conversely, many who are eligible and good at technical skills often rely on these skills and fall short on the communication of their skills, expecting others to just know how good they are at their job.

The Harrison Suitability Profile is designed to measure likely job satisfaction for specific jobs incorporating retention into its suitability score and providing reports that empower managers to identify and hire top talent. The Harrison Assessment uses an online smart questionnaire to provide a robust tool that can help in the sorting and selection of candidates, as well as provide an interview guide and a road map as to what types of compensation and other benefits your winning choice will be attracted to.

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