Use the Career GPS

career GPS Harrison Assessments Chesterfield

career GPS Harrison Assessments ChesterfieldImagine a whole country of job opportunities and career paths. The opportunities are sometimes elusive, and the paths are not always easily seen.

When you turn 17 and are old enough to drive, you are given a vehicle and told to go make a career choice. You have limited fuel, limited funds to purchase more fuel, and there are many possible roadblocks and dead ends along the way. There are many limits and authoritative enforcers who can fine you for speeding or driving the wrong way.

Wouldn’t it be great to have a dashboard with a built-in smart GPS? If, where all you would have to do is get in the vehicle, and answer a few questions from the GPS… then it would spit out several possible destinations (careers), along with the time it will take to reach them, and you would choose one? If, as your journey begins the dashboard would alert you as to how much fuel you have remaining, how many obstacles you will face and would also give you hints on how to overcome those obstacles?

This scenario is not unrealistic. The Bureau of Labor in the US currently tracks over 6500 job titles. New careers and opportunities are being identified regularly. The career path choice is not made just once at the young age of 16; it is that today’s adult will change their career roughly seven times in their life.

While no one is currently producing a career choice “car,” Harrison Assessments has developed a career choice report that acts as the smart dashboard and GPS. A simple 30 minute online questionnaire can result in a report that not only identifies career choices that you are most likely to be successful in and enjoy, but also identifies the various levels of education it will take to obtain your goal. A greatest strengths report will help you define your positive traits, as well as alert you to areas in which you can improve, offering insights into how to do so.

Making the right career choice is not easy. Harrison Assessments can help you make a better choice that suits your individual personality.