New Role of HR Manager: Hiring Success Management (HSM)

hiring success management recruitment Chesterfield

hiring success management recruitment ChesterfieldHiring and development of good talent is getting a boost from more sophisticated data management. Forward thinking companies are now utilising more sophisticated software systems that use data science and predictive analytics to alleviate the menial work.

This new breed of “smart” hiring software is fuelling an emerging category called hiring success management (HSM).

As HSM becomes more prevalent and computers take over much of the routine side of recruiting, some industry watchers have expressed concern that recruiters’ roles would become obsolete. In fact, the opposite is true.

The Hiring Success Manager’s role has become one of using the psychological assessment, such as the Harrison Assessment, to pick the candidate who is most suitable for the open job description. The assessment paired with a job board regularly refreshes information and prospect data, allowing the HSM to find and choose the best candidates. And it uses business intelligence to create reports filled with actual, real-time data so everyone from talent acquisition professionals to executives can see which hiring tactics are most effective.

Using these systems now allows the HSM to have a stronger focus on the final interview, capture of the best candidate and the development of the new hire. The Harrison Suitability Profile is also designed to measure likely job satisfaction for specific jobs incorporating retention into its suitability score and providing reports that empower managers to retain top talent.

The Harrison recruitment system provides a framework that keeps interviewers focused on the eligibility and suitability factors that lead to job success. With just a short training course, interviewers are empowered to elicit disclosure and honesty resulting in exceptional clarity for decision-making, positive talent relationships and greater retention. Only recruiters can build the relationships needed to land hard-to-find hires.

As the talented workforce continues to shrink, the battle for recruiting and retaining great talent gets harder and harder. It takes a company’s commitment to invest in updating recruiting technology that delivers information on everything from the best hiring sources to team and employee performance.

Great recruiters mean a great workforce. HSM provides the technology to make recruiters great by transforming recruiting and ultimately, making companies more successful.