New Tech to Manage Hiring

New Tech to Manage Hiring

New Tech to Manage HiringThey say data is king. He who gathers and uses the data the best wins, no matter what the goal. So if your goal is to hire the best suited person for the job, are you optimising your data?

For the last twenty years, the HR solutions for hiring used slow, inefficient processes to choose the right job candidates. Other departments, such as book keeping, sales and customer service evolved from using static, standalone contact systems to more sophisticated automatic systems. These new systems cut down on tedious entry work and added efficiencies and greater performance. They free up labour to perform more personal and human tasks allowing for better customer and prospect engagement and tighter financial performance.

Yet, HR talent acquisition remained limited to software filled with old data that required manual updating and was difficult to use. Time and space were being taken up with paper application or slow digital storing and sorting processes. With these systems, 80 percent of a recruiter’s time was typically spent performing low-level mindless tasks.

However, hiring and development of good talent is getting a boost from more sophisticated data management. Forward thinking companies are now utilising more sophisticated software systems that use data science and predictive analytics to alleviate the menial work.

This new breed of “smart” hiring software is fuelling an emerging category called hiring success management (HSM).

Harrison Assessments conducted research and formulates different set behavioural factors for more than 650 job types. Each job type also has different behavioural requirements depending on the required management level and experience level. Consequently, by uniquely calibrating management responsibility and experience levels, the Harrison system offers more than 6500 “Job Success Formulas” that predict success for the specific job. Organisations can also make adjustments based upon their unique key performance factors.

The Harrison system has an integrated research engine that enables you to pinpoint the success factors for jobs with 30 or more employees. This highly sophisticated technology performs hundreds of thousands of calculations unveiling the exact success factors and derailers related to specific jobs. The resulting formula is highly predictive for recruitment and highly effective for employee development. This is an excellent tool that can help a HSM be more effective.